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AHI offers three types of inspections to suit your needs. Find out more about our services. Our team of licensed professionals is waiting to help you with your next project.

Foundation Inspections $150.00

To begin, we will inspect the footers and concrete quality, as well as anchoring and framing preparation. This is the only time you will see the foundation. This makes it ideal for an assessment since it's the best time to get a full view before it is covered with additional construction materials.

Pre-Drywall Inspections $295.00

This is the most valuable inspection you can ever buy. With this service, we assess the roof, framing, windows, frame weatherization, plumbing, and wiring. This is the best time to see these aspects before they get buried during construction. Many things can go wrong, from poor framing and unprotected wiring to pipes with nails or holes in them. Pre-drywall inspections are the best way to find these issues before the job is done and covered up with drywall. We recommend that you get this service if none other.


Final Punch List $395.00 - $495.00 (Based on the Size of the Home)

We leave no stone unturned with service, and we document everything. We can even help with placing blue tape on each location of a paint or drywall problem. This is a very intense, longer-than-average inspection. Most builders will fix anything, but you have to show them the problem first. When you have the final walk-through with your builder, this is the time you'll point out everything we have found during this inspection.